may pole
30th April / 1st May

Also known as: Walpurgis Night, May Eve, Roodmas, Cethsamhain, May Day

The blossom of the May Tree (Hawthorn) signifies the dawning of the summer months. This is a time when the fertility of Nature is celebrated. In olden days the young couples would leave the village to 'collect branches' to decorate the village. Of course that there would likely be a number of June weddings was just a coincidence.

Nature has now fully awakened and the journey towards midsummer has begun.

In the story of the Goddess and the God, she is strong and fertile, garbed in a cloak of green and adorned with May flowers as the May Queen. He walks the woods as a Green Man, both protecting and courting the Goddess. They are now matched, strong and virile. They meet and consummate their relationship. Joined once more they go forward into the summer months.
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