crescent moon over holly and oak leaves
21st / 22nd December

Also celebrated as: Yule (Jul), Midwinter, Winter Solstice, Saturnalia (7 days starting 17/12), Alban Arthuran, The Mother Night, Natalis Solis Invicti, Christmas, Birth of Mithras

This is the shortest day and therefore the darkest day of the year. It is the time when the old year finally passes and the New Year is born.

This is the turning of the wheel between the old and new annual cycles. The Holly King that has ruled the Dark Months gives way to the Oak King and the Light Months.

In the story of the Goddess and the God, she is in the Underworld and at the solstice she gives birth to her child, the Sun or Solar Champion.The God is lord of the Underworld, but he is also reborn into the world as the Solar Champion.

Comes Midwinter

Fogs the air,
A cloud exhaled.
Bites the lungs,
Sharp the cold.
Under frost,
The ground is paled.
Warmth has fled
The year is old.

Winter comes,
Nights grow long,
Trees stand starkly
Branches bare.
Summer's sun,
Has sung its song.
Now its comfort,
Grows ever rare.

Crisp the earth
Is under feet.
Grey the sky,
Now over head.
Soon the circle,
Will complete.
The Sunchild born,
The old king dead.

Darkest night,
Comes at last.
The shortest day,
Is quickly passed..
The Yule Log burns,
Good luck to bring.
The Holly falls,
Oak now is King.

The Sun reborn,
We now rejoice.
Declare a toast,
Raise your voice.
Long nights now,
Will soon give way.
To the triumphant,
Growing day.

From darkness now,
Comes forth the light.
The season turns,
The future bright.
For the wheel,
It always turns,
Darkness comes,
But light returns.

© Kev the Cosmic Fool 12/2004
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  Winter Solstice